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    With fast development of hospital informationalization technology, knowledge management and internet, EMR can be the inexorable trend. Based on the requirement of both clinical scientific application and informationalization management, Haitai and Fuzhou Kangda eight party Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (company website: worked together on development of K3, “patient informationalization terminals”. The soul target of our development: how to make quick use of and save EMR and other useful medical information system with security and efficiency to help healthcare providers and bring benefits to patients.


    Functions and Features

    Information Technology

    Our customized design brings EMR directly to the patient bed; It guarantee the effective utilization of clinical information and also makes sure that information will be transferred more safely and accurately.

    Blood Pressure Measurement technology based on stethosopy

    Exclusive technology that is originated from a large number of the measured data and case analysis has given consideration to quick and easy electronic measuring and the using habit for auscultation manometer in clinical practice. And it also solved the problem of the accuracy of blood pressure measurement.

    Touch Screen

    It allows more shortcuts existed to bring convenience to users.

    Widescreen Display

    The waveform data which is displayed in the same screen can be increased, thus the information is more complete and continuous.

    Innovative A8 Framework for Motherboard Technology

    It will let all the functions listed above be realized and make the whole system running more smoothly.

    Medical Information Retrieval

    To retrieve patient information at any time will be assistance for diagnosis and treatment: the basic information, admission records, medical order, examination and inspection, consulting diagnosis, operation, body Temperature sheet etc.

    The Central Monitoring and Infusion Pump

    Only one machine is bound with one infusion pump in order to monitor the whole process and make records.

    Ward Monitoring

    Exclusive video function: HD camera transmits the real time video beside the patient bed to nurse workstation to let healthcare provider to know the latest situation about the ward and patients to improve the security of patient.

    Vital Signs Monitoring

    It supports multiple parameters monitoring including patient’s blood pressure, blood oxygen, cardiology and respiratory. Any alerts will be automatically and immediately send to nurse workstation so as to offer enough time for physicians to take any emergent rescue.

    System Platform

    Application Systems:

  • Server:IBM AIX、Windows2003 Server、Windows2008 Server
  • Client:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Database:DB2 and Oracle are preferred; And it also support other data bases
  • Middleware:IBM Websphere 7.0 or higher
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