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  • Operative Anesthesia Information Management System

    Operation and anesthesia are vital parts of hospital. Whether an operation is successful or not directly threatens patients’ life. Therefore, every detail in the process of operative anesthesia is of great significance. With the development of scientific development, wide application of auxiliary medical monitoring instruments in hospital enables doctors to obtain vital signs of patients’ in time and make timely decisions.

    Haitai Operative Anesthesia Information Management System combines all the instruments in operation room (breathing machine, anesthesia machine, infusion bump, injection bump, and blood gas analyzer and blood oxygen monitor) with EMR data, examination and laboratory test data and picture data stored in other information systems of the same hospital. Therefore, the system can enable anesthetists to supervise the operation in a timely and stringent manner and make the right decisions in time.

    Haitai Operative Anesthesia Information Management System aims to build a system with advanced technology that suits all kinds of hospitals at home. It can provide operative anesthesia departments with advanced management tools to so it can help to realize the modernized management of operative anesthesia departments and realize a totally paperless process of operative anesthesia. All these can reduce the handwriting time of healthcare providers, improve work efficiency and lower healthcare cost.


    Features and Functions

  • It can integrate the management process of operation room and anesthesia department. Therefore, it can improve management quality, systematically calculate the workload of healthcare providers, and improve performance evaluation management.
  • It can automatically record the whole process of operation and anesthesia. It can automatically compile anesthesia record list and capture the data of anesthesia machine, patient monitoring machine and breathing machine. And it also supports the data capture by several models of equipment from many factories. Anesthetists can adjust the data capture frequency based on their demands.
  • It can automatically create the paper work of anesthesia and medical care.
  • It provides complete management of operation, and specifically records details of operation and medication taken by patients.
  • It can seamlessly connect with other systems such as EMR, HIS, LIS and PACS so as to realize sharing of information. Therefore, doctors can review the patients’ data of examination and laboratory tests, imaging laboratory and medical history at any time. All these data serve the basis of decision making.
  • The system can record all kinds of sudden changes of the whole process when facing emergencies in the operation. By doing this, it helps to resolve burden of proof in medical lawsuits.
  • It can monitor the patients in post-op and guarantee a safe departure of patients.
  • It can provide perfected management of narcotic drugs, reagent and material consumption so as to cut the waste caused by low efficiency.
  • It can assist counting medical equipment before, during and after operations.
  • It can store large number of clinical data of operation and anesthesia so as to benefit the diagnosis and treatment, scientific research and teaching.
  • It can assist the department management and provide varied kinds of statistic analysis reports.

    System Platform

    Application Systems:

  • Server:IBM AIX、Windows2003 Server、Windows2008 Server
  • Client:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Database:DB2 and Oracle are preferred; And it also support other data bases
  • Middleware:IBM Websphere 7.0 or higher
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