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  • Laboratory Information Management System

    Haitai Laboratory Information Management System (HLIMS), based on the operating and management workflow of the laboratories in hospitals of different levels, integrates samples collection and delivery, automatic charging, samples identification, original records, test report, automatic assessment, database setting up, standard library automatic upgrades, instruments and equipment management, technicians management. It offers automatic data results of instruments and equipment in real time, automatic reporting, and comprehensive analysis by using the digital interface to connect inspection instruments and analysis equipment. HLIMS ensures the efficiency, accuracy and security of information exchange through optimizing inspection procession so that the cost will be saved.


    Functions and Features


    HLIMS is consistent with standardization of laboratory management required by the nation and also corresponds to the requirement of verification for laboratory, which largely supports informationalized management for laboratory.

    Automatic Data Capture

    HLIMS provides automatic data capture from inspect instruments and equipment in real time to ensure efficiency, accuracy, reliability of data for clinical decision making. Meanwhile, it also offers many kinds of verification and strict audit system to ensure the reliability of inspection results.

    Workflow Optimization

    HLIMS optimizes all the procedures of practices in laboratory for clinical department and inspection department. It helps the healthcare providers reduce the workload and errors in every part of inspections by utilizing computer to control the quality.


    HLIMS supports barcode print and booking barcode procedure and can also offer flexible configuration. It can reduce the errors during the data exchange via barcode.

    Data Sharing

    HLIMS offers data sharing with inner systems such as HIS, EMR, Physical Examination through interfaces, which will ensure healthcare providers timely review on the examination data of patients and provides the patient with the self-service of searching test results.


    With the development of medical science, numerous devices spring up. HLIMS with the better openness offers interfaces including correspondent interface and function, HL7 supports for system expanding.

    Powerful Medical Statistic Function

    HLIMS features flexible, functional fuzzy combination search, statistical results generation, which helps clinical laboratory personnel statistically analyze data for clinical scientific research.


    Quality control of supplementary instrument on history comparison, results audit, medical decision assessment, dynamical analysis of mean value for patient’s examination results and instrument deflection analysis ensure the reliability of examination and inspection reports.

    Easy maintenance

    HLIMS which is equipped with the better man-machine operating interface is easy to use. Through training, clinical laboratory physicians can easily learn how to operate system and maintain it.

    Regionalization support

    HLIMS supports regional informationalization medical care solutions.

    System Platform

    Application Systems:

  • Server:IBM AIX、Windows2003 Server、Windows2008 Server
  • Client:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Database:DB2 and Oracle are preferred; And it also support other data bases
  • Middleware:IBM Websphere 7.0 or higher
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