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  • Emergency EMR

    Emergency department of modern hospitals has been developed into the emergency medical technology center and emergency medical research center that integrates rescue, referrals, technical guidance, emergent diagnosis and intensive care, providing one-stop service for patients in critical need of medical help. Therefore it is a symbol of modern medicine and the guard of human life and health. Since emergency department has to respond rapidly to provide timely diagnosis and treatment, the requirements on EMR system are quite high.

    According to the features of different hospitals, Haitai designs its system exclusively to meet the requirement of emergency work and management. It aims to design brand new functions that mainly address daily clinical work and management, ensure the coverage of all businesses, push emergency service smoother, smarter and more closed-loop and realize full cycle management of emergency service. Through the usage of emergent EMR, writing quality of emergency medical record can be raised, workflow optimized, supervision enhanced and work efficiency and quality improved.


    Functions and features

    Personified Application Setting Design

    The system is very close to emergency services, to provide more personalized application, mobile applications and quick, simple mode of operation, highlighting the special nature of the emergency applications and satisfying medical personnel habits.

    Full Emergency Workflow Management

    “Patient-centered” emergency workflow design which can realize a full follow-up and management of patients; closed-loop clinical information processing based on emergency treatment can achieve full integration of clinical data and complete usage of application; the system covers full service range of emergency with reminders and pre-warning for urgent incidents, which will provide special processed for free pass patients and patient rescue.

    Refined Quality Control

    The system provides a standardized quality control processing for the content of the medical records and emergency treatment, which will complete quality management of the emergency cycle. The system provides intelligent alerts and early warning to emergency treatment by work flow path management and multi-angle emergency operation.

    Clinical Assistant Treatment

    The system provides accurate and completed emergency clinic standard processes and medical databases.

    Reasonable Monitoring of Hospital Resources

    According to the patient's condition, it is reasonable to use the resources of the hospital, the patient consultation, surgery, observation, rescue, referral process, and personnel department resources to provide optimal allocation and use reminders.

    Integrated Multi-system Integration

    Supporting emergency vehicles, mobile medical equipment, rescue equipment in ICU interface which can automatically access to patient data, as well as support 120 command centers, regional collaborative medical referrals.

    System platform

    Operating System:

  • Server: IBM AIX、Windows2003 Server、Windows2008 Server
  • Client: Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Mobile devices: Android, Windows 8
  • Database: recommended DB2, Oracle; support other databases at the same time
  • Middleware: IBM Websphere 7.0
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explore7.0 or higher
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