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  • Clinical Information System for Kidney Disease

    Kidney disease has become one of the main threats to human life for there are more and more patients who have to suffer a lot physically and psychologically. Therefore, healthcare providers take kidney disease as the main research object to find better diagnosis and treatment for patients. There are hundreds of kinds of kidney diseases. As technology advances and diagnosis improves, regular clinical information systems are unable to meet the requirement of healthcare providers.

    Haitai Clinical Information System for Kidney Diseases has been designed to meet the requirements of clinical diagnosis and treatment in practices. As the perfect application of IT in Clinical diagnosis and treatment on kidney diseases, it will review the diagnosis and treatment constantly during the process of diagnosing and treating a patient and follow-up, which guarantees the reliability and integrity of medical service and hence largely improve healthcare quality.

    Our system covers all the procedures such as diagnosis ,treatment, prognosis, follow-up and research to help healthcare providers to improve clinical practice and scientific research.


    Functions and features

  • Our business covers outpatient, inpatient, laboratory, and blood purification center and is able to integrate all patient data for medical staff to easily view and use.
  • The integrity of personal medical record files for each patient: medical history, examination results, lab test results, diagnosis and treatment. It will let the physician have a full view of the state and course of the illness.
  • It is equipped with powerful function of text EMR processing so that medical staff can utilize it in actual work, improving their working efficiency and avoiding medical errors. Meanwhile, structured data will be helpful for the data retrieval and utilization in the future.
  • Data for medical record, lab tests, examination, medical order, and prescription will achieve a barrier-free, ensuring the smoothness of the delivery of medical service.
  • Having integrated safe medication function, system offers warning for drug contraindication, drug allergy and drug interaction to reduce medication mistakes.
  • Friendly interface, easy operation and comprehensive functions help medical stuff do their work quickly.
  • Provide multiple retrieval functions so that physician can review the medical history of the patient for reference.
  • Patient management of blood purification center is able to schedule the time, bed and dialysis machine for a patient .
  • Real-time record patient weight, automatically calculate the weight before and after dialysis so as to help physician decide on the dialysis plan.
  • Able to fill in all kinds of dialysis records.
  • Interfaces with a variety of models of blood dialysis machines are provided to read data directly and store them in the database wherever needs dictate.
  • Powerful follow-up function design and data capture offers lots of files for long-term treatment and clinical scientific research for patient.
  • Our system covers medical laboratory systems including clinical laboratory system, pathology test system and immunology test system for kidney disease to ensure the timeliness, accuracy and reliability of data capture, providing guidelines for clinical decision making.
  • Multiple means of verification of test results and strict censorship will guarantee reliability of test results.
  • Bar code design reduces the possibility of human errors in information exchange.
  • Built-in standard data ports can realize seamless integration with hospital information system, ensuring the delivery and share of information between the kidney disease systems, emergent system inpatient system and outpatient system.
  • Function of data retrieval, statistics and comprehensive analysis can greatly improve efficiency of the healthcare workers and reduce the load of scientific research work.
  • Forms, graphics and other specialized data display mode. It supports multiple file formats of specialized medical statistical software for direct data import.
  • Our system is equipped with multiple standard data dictionary to meet the needs of daily uses.
  • It supports wireless devices such as PDA, writing pads and etc.
  • Easy maintenance helps users manage and maintain the system.

    System Platform

    Application Systems:

  • Server:IBM AIX、Windows2003 Server、Windows2008 Server
  • Client:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Database:DB2 and Oracle are preferred; And it also support other data bases
  • Middleware:IBM Websphere 7.0 or higher
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