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  • Clinical Pathway Management System

    Clinical pathway management system is a set of standardized treatment modules or procedures concentrating on a certain disease. It is an integrated module related to clinical treatment which is based on evidence-based medicine and guidelines in order to regulate medical behavior, decrease variation, lower the cost and improve medical quality.

    Haitai developed its own clinical pathway information management system concerning the large volume of researches on clinical departments. This system provides a pathway platform for clinicians to create clinical pathway according to the real requirements. It helps to regulate diagnosis and treatment procedure from macro and micro aspects, improve recovery rate and lower the medical cost.

    Haitai clinical pathway information management system displays physician’s works through work flow chart; it defines physician’s work in each phase, which will largely reduce variability, blindness and unnecessary repetitiveness in clinical practice.



    Functions and Features

    Reasonable and Scientific Design of Workflow

    Haitai clinical pathway management system’s design of its practice procedure is strictly according to the rules and disciplines of the Ministry of Health. We set strict judging standards from patient’s admission to discharge. It can give different processing rules towards different variations.


    Automatic Monitoring and Timely Alert

    Haitai clinical pathway management system has a complete set of logical judging rules and can perfectly combine with EMR and physician order system, the system provides timely alert if there are some projects yet to be finished in different phases.

    Regulating Diagnosis and Treatment with no Restriction

    The goal of bring into the clinical pathway management system is to regulate diagnosis and treatment, but it doesn’t mean to restrict them in simple and rigid way. Haitai clinical pathway management system is operating based on the pathway contents and can add or delete certain practices according to the clinical requirements, each practice out of the pathway will be defined and recorded for hospital’s further development and improvement.

    Powerful Statistics and Complete Reporting

    Haitai clinical pathway management system owns powerful statistics over data produced from the implementation of clinical pathway and generate all kinds of statistical reports required by Ministry of Health.


    System platform

    Operation system:

  • Servers:IBM AIX、Windows2008 Server
  • Client:Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Database:IBM DB2、Oracle
  • Middleware:IBM Websphere 7.0 or higher
  • Browser:Microsoft Internet Explore 7.0 or higher
  • Mobile terminal:IOS、Android
  • Hardware:

  • Servers:IBM P/X series
  • Mobile devices:IPAD, tablet PC, mobile cart
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