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  • Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University had achieved HIMSS Stage 7 with Haitai’s Support

          Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University had achieved HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7(Inpatient) with Haitai’s Support on November 2nd of 2017. This was the second case that was undertaken by Haitai after People’s Hospital of Peking University had past the HIMSS stage7 certification.

          Haitai, the professional clinical information solutions provider in China, brought with many HIMSS Project Certification required and professional services with full of experience on implementation to support Xuanwu Hospital to achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage7 (Inpatient). Before it, we had support Kunming Children’s Hospital to achieve HIMSS Stage6 on June 8th and Tianmen No.1 People’s Hospital to pass the certification as well on October 15th of this year. 

          Haitai had provided hospital highly recognized EMR solutions and system related services to Xuanwu Hospital, its important customer and strategic partner, for more than 5 years with the hospital’s development. As the core system of the information construction in Xuanwu Hospital, the successively provided EMR solutions including Inpatient EMR, Outpatient EMR, EMR for Emergency, Medical Record Management System, and also the EMR based Paperless Management System, CDSS, Voice Entry system etc. With efforts from both sides, Xuanwu Hospital had been included as the member of leading hospitals not only in China but the worldwide.

         The review group included John Daniels, the Vice President of HIMSS Analytics, Manish Kholi, Former CMIO of Abu Dhabi Hospital and Yanyan Song, Minister of Science, Education and Data Management in Guangzhou women and Children Medical Center. During three-day certification process, the review group had processed a field assessment of hospital system construction and application by listening report and on-site investigation. They all agreed that Xuanwu Hospital was qualified to achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 (Inpatient).

         As Vice President and the first Executive Director for Greater China, Dr. Jilan Liu expressed congratulations to Xuanwu Hospital. She said, “Since 2015, I am so glad to witness the step by step achievement made by Xuanwu Hospital for healthcare information construction.” She expressed affirmation and appreciation to the outlook by the leaders of hospital and the highly engagement and active cooperation and devotion by the hospital’s staffs during this HIMSS accreditation. At the same time, she expressed support on that the hospital enhanced the effectiveness and usability of the system to meet clinical needs through HIMSS certification. Xuanwu Hospital had a deep understanding of medical process transformation through information technology, and was willing to build a stable, efficient, safe, manageable and sustainable platform for the hospital with unremitting efforts.

         Group leader John Daniels fully affirmed the achievement of Information Construction that made by Xuanwu Hospital. “The work on Business Intelligence (BI) in your hospital did very well” he said, “It will figure out the problem and improve the safety and quality by displaying several BI app cases to show us the ability of automatic collection, mining and analysis of data.” The culture atmosphere that hospital will improve the healthcare quality, safety and efficiency by the way of information development had been gradually formed.

         Manish Kholi also said that the clinical decision support on physician and nurse daily practice can be better. The ability of auto score calculation on patient nursery assessment will generate task list with the related treatment. Meanwhile, the list can be viewed by PDA. The voice recognize function of EMR can effectively save the time for medical document entry. The information support on diagnosis and green channel of stroke patients will improve the timeliness to save patient’ life and the healthcare service. Our clinical practitioner deeply feel the convenience, security, and effectiveness that smart healthcare brings on clinical process.

         “The hospital provides patient data visually integrated solution which is based on clinical data center,” Yanyan Song said, “It covers all the clinical data including the current visits, previous visits and pre-hospital.” “I see it guarantees the timely and intuitively display for the clinical data to assistant and improve management effectiveness of intercommunication among them,” she continued, “Abnormal value of nursing evaluation will be delivered to the clinical physician and it will trigger the related intervention measures, diagnosis and treatment recommendations to ensure the timeliness of patient clinical data and improve the quality of healthcare and the clinical efficiency.”

         Hospital President Guoguang Zhao pointed out that Xuanwu Hospital had been made a lot of efforts to combine the information construction with the quality of healthcare for almost 20 years. Especially for this year, Xuanwu Hospital built the better information support system that was qualified for HIMSS certification to improve medical management level, which will lay a good foundation for the following construction.

         HIMSS EMRAM(Inpatient)Stage 7 qualified Xuanwu Hospital will still devote to providing better and personalized healthcare service and excellent administration quality. It will take this opportunity to furtherly enhance healthcare quality, service, efficiency and administration so as to increase the degree of satisfaction of patient and make efforts to build Xuanwu Hospital into a domestic first-class, internationally renowned and the masses-satisficed, the college-type hospital and modern medical center.

    About Xuanwu Hospital

          Founded in 1958, Xuanwu Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University is a large Grade 3 and Class A comprehensive hospital featuring clinical practice and research on neuroscience and gerontology. It undertakes the tasks of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation. Our hospital is one of the bases for introducing neurology to New China.

          Xuanwu Hospital which is a general hospital featuring neuroscience and geriatrics has 20 Ph.D. programs and 16 Master programs. It also is the National and Beijing base for inpatient physician training, continuing medical education and examination center.

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