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  • The Third China-Ningbo Cross-Strait Hospital Management Forum Concluded Successfully

          The Third China-Ningbo Cross-Strait Hospital Management Forum host by Ningbo No. Four Hospital and Taiwan Changhua Christian Hospital and co-organized by Nanjing Haitai Medical Information Systems Co., Ltd. concluded on Nov. 18th in 2017.

          This forum had more than 700 participants from 28 provinces and autonomous regions including Taiwan and Macau. In those two days, we had meetings to deeply explain and discuss on the topics including “Excellent Management”, “JCI Accreditation (version 6) Experience”, “Hospital Performance Reform under the New Situation”, “New Model of Hospital Administration with Chinese and Western Combined”, “The Practice of Facing Evaluation under the Double Evaluation Standard” and “Information Construction on Quality Care” etc.

          As the pilot hospital in Xiangshan, Ningbo No.Four Hospital insists on Hospital Grade Assessment, JCI Accreditation and Information Construction to implement scientific fine management so as to practice scientific, safety and highly effective model for hospital administration. Meanwhile, the exchanges between Ningbo and Taiwan become gradually lager and deeper and its size and scale are rising, especially in the field of healthcare. The hospital has learnt from Taiwan hospital’s newest management concept and adopted the fine, personalized, informational and qualified administration model so as to promote masses healthcare.

          On the forum, the experts including We Zuo, the President of Ningbo No. Four Hospital and Shouren Guo, the President of Changhua Christian Hospital had discussion on the China-West combined hospital administration model, 3-large platform of hospital fine administration and hospital performance reform under the new situation. Hundreds of leaders, practitioners gathered together to share the achievement of cross-strait hospital administration at Xiangshan.

          The group of experts resolved “passcode” that was combined JCI Standards and Hospital Grade Assessment to find out more practical and suitable assessment system and pointed out serious solutions as to enhance the development of hospital with effective administration system.

          Haitai, the strategic partner of Ningbo No. Four Hospital, will provide assistance to the hospital to complete JCI Accreditation, Fine Management, Qualified Management Reform and Creation to bring new power to hospital’s development.

    “The China-West combined hospital administration model+JCI=CJCI”

    Speaker: Wei Zuo, the President of Ningbo No. Four Hospital

    Speaker: Longteng Xie, the Vice President of Ningbo No. Four Hospital

    “Hospital Excellent Administration-Experience sharing on get JCI accreditation with the four-time high score”

    Speaker: Shouren Guo, the President of Taiwai Changhua Christian Hospital

    “Assessment Driven Clinical Information Integration Platform Construction and Thoughts”

    Speaker:Junwu Fang, the Vice President of Nanjing Haitai Medical Information Systems Co., Ltd.

    Scene Collection

    Visit Collection

    Medial group: Vice President Longteng Xie is introducing the assessment for outpatient. It includes specialties department profile, Haitai EMR, physician authorization, adverse events reports platform (in the case of transfusion and drug allergy) and the informational platform for quality care.

    Tea Break Collection

    About Hospital

          Founded in 1938, Ningbo No. Four Hospital covers an area of 180 acres, building area of 100,000 square meters and has 1000 beds, and is an only Grade 3 general hospital and also Wenzhou Medical University Affiliated Xiangshang Hospital. Hospital achieved JCI Accreditation on February 8th of 2013 and had been qualified for the second JCI Accreditation on January 22nd of 2016 and now are preparing the third accreditation for JCI version 6.

          The hospital will always dedicated to “Patient center and quality care and safety” and focus on building the center of the south Ningbo and become one of the leading hospitals in China.

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