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  • Chairman &CEO of HaiTtai invited to HIT expert network interview

    Company chairman and CEO

    April 6, 2017, Mr. Lu, the president of Haitai Medical Information System Co., Ltd., who accepted the interview of HIT expert network, disclosed the transition and changes of Haitai that is as the mainstream professional electronic medical record system provider over the past year or more.

    In charge of Nanjing Haitai for two years

    In July of 2015, after the complete discussion and comprehensive decision, the board of Director appointed Mr.Lu, the first angel investor in 2013, to take over the president position in Haitai. Reviewing the work of Nanjing Haitai in recent two years, President Lu said Haitai has successfully made the transition from the “the institute culture” to the culture of treating research and sales as equally important. President Lu has been always doing well in company operation so as to comprehensively clarify the logic of products development and marketing and sales system. His idea is to add something on the product and to make subtraction on management.

    President Lu thought that Nanjing Haitai must adhere to return the nature of healthcare and insist on clinical requirement so as to connect each product line based on EMR outpatient, inpatient, medical order, clinical pathway and clinical nursing etc. and find out a new generation of product system that is clinical integration progressively, which has already accomplished in several triple A hospitals.

    Meanwhile, Nanjing Haitai is proactively planning on domestic and foreign markets. In domestic market, we insist on the development strategy to realize service localization by establishing the branch offices in Wuhan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Fuzhou etc. in order to provide qualified services for our local clients. In the overseas market ,Haitai also has the qualifications to allow us to sell electronic medical records systems in the United States.

    As what President Lu has described, the present stage of Haitai can be treated as “Version 2.0”and EMR version2.0 is just clinical integration. President Lu stated that the next step for Haitai is continuing clinical integration products and making promotion to more hospitals, meanwhile, another goal is making preparation for applying for listing on the GEM in the follow year.

    Requirement for clinical integration

    Nowadays, there are so many vendors in the market of medical information, the reorganization of industry is obviously speed up. For the Medical software vendors that is focus on clinical informationalization, it is very hard to make choice that if we keep our steps in vertical development or take into account the horizontal expansion. Obviously, Haitai will choose the first one.

    President Lu believes that medical information construction has entered the "deep water", but the current direction of the construction of medical information will eventually return to the essence of serving healthcare, that is to ensure the quality and safety of healthcare. This requires medical information technology companies are able to be closely linked to the substantive needs of medical business.

    Medical big data era is going to return to the medical essence

    "For medical information construction, in fact, as a building, but the core of the building is not a mason, the most important is the designer." President Lu always think. Compared to the majority of similar manufacturers in the industry, for a long time, more than half of the technical staff in Haitai have a medical background, its biggest advantage and industry competitiveness lies in the deep understanding of the medical nature and clinical needs.

    Recently, Nanjing Haitai is one of the professional manufacturers that has been realized integration covering outpatient, inpatient, medical order and clinical nursing. “We have added nurse order to EMR solution for Xiangya Hospital Central South University,” President Lu said. During the process of clinical integration, traditional HIS system of hospital just requires to involve the clinical part in EMR with less changes and the task of overall hospital management will be undertaken by HIS.

    “For those two years, we have been clarifying our sales system and connecting all product lines and clearly defining our development goals. In 2016, our sales volume doubled and the most important is that our following product lines are clearly defined based on clinical integration. In fact, it is just the first step for the new long march of Haitai. ”President Lu said with practical attitude and confidence.

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